Staying Positive during the hard times of COVID 19

We should be positive at all times even when we think the worst is happening to us at certain times.

Let me try to focus on the current situation in the world right now where we are having the COVID-19. Many of our time is usually taken up by work, travels and all sorts of other things, that we hardly get time to stay close to our loved ones; be it family, friends, partners etc. Just like Socrates the Greek philosopher said that, “The Unexamined life is not worth living”, let us use this time to examine our lives to see if they are worth living.

As a believer, I have faith that everything (good or bad) happens a for a reason and in most cases for a good reason. God brings certain situations in our lives for a good reason. Many times I have noticed in my own life that something I call bad happened to save me from something worse that could have destroyed me. But with our limited human capacity, we can’t easily figure out the good outcome until it actually happens; be it in days, months or years. As a Christian, I am tempted to think that God has forcefully confined us with special people in our lives right now such that we may together examine our lives. Take a deep reflection of those past times when you thought something bad happened to you, and then take time to reflect on the events that happened after the bad times. You will notice that you were either saved from something worse, or picked up a good lesson out of the bad situation.

Many people are calling out and telling people to stay home to save others. God is giving us the time to evaluate our lives alongside the people most close to us at this material time.

Many of you have noticed that many governments have called on their citizens to return home before the things get worse. Many countries locked boarders to foreigners but continued welcoming back their country people.

I call upon everyone to see the good in this pandemic. The precious time most of you are having to be around your families and loved ones locked up without any certainty of what tomorrow may bring. Instead of having fights and disagreements at this time while at home or wherever you are. Use this precious time to bond more as though today is your last day to live. Take time to evaluate your past and make use of it to plan for your future. Times like these never come so often. Now that you have it, make good use of it.

Be Happy, Be You and Be grateful that you are still alive.

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