About Us

McBern Foundation was founded with the aim to improve and ensure better livelihoods of the people in society through empowerment, health care, and education to the youth and needy elderly.

We started by reaching out to the needy elderly in Mukono during our free time and help them with their basic needs from our salaries and pocket money for those who were still in school. Because of the growing numbers and needs of the needy elderly that we were looking for; we needed more finances to do this work.  For the love of nature and all that nature has to offer, we decided to start McBern Tours and Travel to help us raise more funds towards our cause as we offer tour services to tourists and the locals. Whoever uses the services of the company in one way or another supports this cause.

Secondly, the McBern Foundation reaches out to the marginalized youth that have been neglected and rejected by their families and also those that have lost employment with little hope of finding work again because of different sorts of discrimination.


We focus to improve the quality of life of destitute elders primarily in the rural areas by providing basic needs and health care services. We also focus on the long-term sustainability options for these elderly and the marginalized youth.