Welcome to the McBern Foundation, where compassion and community converge to make a meaningful impact. I am Michael Kajubi, the Founder of the McBern Foundation, and my journey in philanthropy stems from a deeply personal experience that shaped my perspective on life.

My motivation to start McBern FOUNDATION

In 1978, my mother was diagnosed with Rheumatism at the tender age of 19. Faced with her illness, she didn’t despair in life, and despite her struggles, my mother, with unwavering determination, raised her only child as a single parent. On the other hand, I had one option: to stay by her side and support her alongside my grandparents. As a young man, financial constraints were inevitable, but the commitment to caring for my sick mother prevailed. Her indomitable spirit persisted until her passing on February 1, 2007, cradled in my arms a year before I could graduate college.

The 29 years of pain my mother endured, and the sacrifices made by my grandparents in caring for their ailing daughter profoundly influenced my perspective on life. The challenges I witnessed during my formative years highlighted the struggles faced by many elderly individuals in Uganda. These resilient individuals care for themselves and shoulder the responsibility of caring for their children and grandchildren, especially in circumstances like mine.


Motivated by these experiences, I shared my vision with friends who visited my mother throughout her illness. Together, we embarked on a mission to reach out to needy elderly and sick individuals, mirroring the support they had provided to my mother. Although limited in resources as I navigated my academic pursuits, we offered solace through conversations that instilled hope. We delivered practical assistance such as manual laundry services and educational materials for their grandchildren.

In 2013, with my love for travel, I established a tour company to enhance our operations. This strategic move followed my personal experience of job loss due to workplace discrimination based on who I chose to love. Subsequently, in 2018, we formally established the McBern Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the vulnerable elderly and marginalized youth. What started as a modest endeavour to assist one elderly person later evolved into a comprehensive initiative, reaching out to many more in need, a catalyst that prompted me to unite with like-minded youth. Together, we strive to empower marginalized individuals and transform lives in our society.


At the McBern Foundation, my commitment extends beyond philanthropy; we are catalysts for change, advocates for justice, and champions of compassion. We are focused on creating a more inclusive and compassionate society for everyone.



The McBern Foundation is committed to the discerning vision of diligently promoting and safeguarding the well-being of elderly individuals and marginalized youth. Our focus extends beyond immediate needs, aiming to establish a comprehensive framework that empowers these individuals for sustained and dignified futures.



To champion the well-being and rights of elderly individuals and marginalized youth. Through a commitment to holistic care, social inclusion, advocacy for the marginalized elderly, and empowering marginalized youth through educational equality, employment opportunities, and community development initiatives. We strive to create a society where everyone can thrive with dignity and purpose.